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You can count on our professionals to transform your home or business's flooring with our stunning resistant Epoxy Coating Solutions!

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We provide Utah residents and businesses with the best concrete floor finishes. Rest assured that we will meet and exceed your expectations.

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We’re a customer-oriented business that puts you first. We know that you live a busy life, so let us improve your home or business’s flooring in a timely manner.

Professional Services

Our experts are experienced in the application processes of epoxy, acid stains, waterproofing, polishing, and driveway repairs. Best of all, we’re a friendly team!

Utah's Epoxy Flooring Experts

Our licensed epoxy flooring experts have the equipment and know-how to make your next flooring project a success. Based on the flooring projects we’ve completed, we’ve come to realize that many home and business owners delay their renovation due to full schedules. They don’t have the time to assess their floor’s needs—here’s where our team steps in. We’ll take the time to ask questions so that we can better understand your floor’s necessities. Then, we can determine which coating resin will best complement your home or business. After that, we’ll get to work! Our goal is to meet your expectations in a timely manner and within budget.

Durability, Beauty, Protection

There’s no denying it: floors covered in epoxy coatings can last decades and are more stunning than those without a coating. This durability can save you money in the long run because you won’t have to worry about re-surfacing your floor every so often, which is laborious and expensive. A solid polymer, an epoxy coating is a strong overlaying film that can prevent a chemical breakdown of your flooring material for years.

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    Best of all, it’s an impermeable surface, meaning it can make your flooring almost completely maintenance-free. Water and oil won’t be able to break through the barrier and reach your floor below. Business owners love these coatings because of their non-slip properties, keeping customers and employees safe. Moreover, it’s resistant to extreme temperatures, making it the perfect contender for businesses that work with water heater storage tanks or fryers. Once a coating is cured, it won’t emit any vapors, making it harmless. Our experts know they must create a strong bond between the coating and the floor for maximum effectiveness. After all, if the bond is weak, your floor may blister or peel. For these reasons and more, our team will clean and prepare your surfaces before we begin the application process.

Our Quality Guarantee

Here’s the Seal the Deal promise: when you work with our team, our primary focus will be to turn your dream into reality. We help our clients, whether residential or commercial, save precious time and money by providing high-quality products that will last decades. We pride ourselves on quality, value, and durability. Our team doesn’t just have the skills to transform your flooring into a masterpiece, but we also do it with a positive attitude.

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    Besides being stunning, our coatings are resilient to impacts, chemicals, chipping, stains, and other types of surface abrasions. No more panicking about damaging your floors if you drop a wrench or a bicycle tips over. Our seamless floor finishes are perfect for your home’s garage or basement floor, business, dog kennels, auto mechanic shops, showroom floors, and so much more! As the finishing touch, we’ll seal your concrete floors for you because no coating job is complete without a sealant; this will make your surfaces non-porous. If you live in Salt Lake County, Utah County, or Summit County, let our team help you. Whether you reside in Salt Lake City or have a business in Provo, our technicians are more than happy to assist you. Reach out to us for a quote below.

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Want to breathe life into your old garage? Have a basement that’s in desperate need of a makeover? You can count on our professionals to transform your home or business’s flooring with our stunning, resistant epoxy coating solutions! We’re proud to specialize in the application and installment of epoxy flooring, acid stains, concrete sealers, deck waterproofing, and all other floor applicants. Ready to enjoy floors that are virtually maintenance-free? Say goodbye to stains, chemicals, moisture, and grease. Don’t put off your project for another day, and get a quote from us below!

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Whether it’s time to renovate your home or business’s floor, our team will come up with the right solution to make your flooring both practical and beautiful.


Timothy Hansen

Exceptional service. Great communication. Unbeatable price. Such a professional and fair approach to epoxy floors. Couldn’t give them a strong enough recommendation. 

Jason Ryser

Trevor at Seal the Deal Epoxy is a master of his craft! We had another concrete coating company do our conference room with a decorative epoxy, and when we decided to extend it to our reception area they were not able to get it done. Trevor and his team stepped in and did an amazing job! The floor looks amazing and really improved the appeal of our office! I would recommend him to anyone! Thanks for making me look good Trevor!

Corey Petersen

USE SEAL THE DEAL EPOXY! You wont be disappointed! Not to mention how hard Trevor works to make sure your garage floor looks amazing, he’s also super easy to communicate with. We researched many other epoxy flooring companies and his pricing was the most fair and he helped us know exactly to expect from the epoxy flooring experience. We would highly recommend him and plan to use him again in the future! 

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