5 Reasons Why Your Utah Home Needs Epoxy Flooring

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There are many reasons that epoxy flooring has become increasingly popular as the years have passed. 

It is versatile and effortless. We are discussing 5 more reasons you need Epoxy Flooring here, so stay tuned.

1.Easy Clean-Up

A positive benefit from having an epoxy floor in your home is the fact that it is very easy to clean. Spills and stains stand no chance against a quick clean up routine. There isn’t a lot that sticks to this slick flooring, which makes the clean up process a breeze. Stains also have little time to soak in because of the protective aspect it provides your concrete.


Because epoxy is installed directly over concrete, the installation process comes at minimal cost. Compared to other flooring options per square foot, epoxy is tough to beat.  It will also cost less in the long run if you decide to change your mind years down the road. Adding carpet or other floor options on top will be an easy task to do.


Epoxy flooring is considerably durable. It is strong enough to have cars driven and parked on, and heavy equipment stored on it. The level of quality installation and maintenance can greatly affect how durable your floor is. You will want to make sure to have it installed correctly, and also  have it maintained properly to get the best results possible.


Think functionality of garage floors, without the drab color. Epoxy flooring can be exciting and professional in whatever space you install it. Because of its shiny appearance and glossy look, it can make any area appear clean and crisp. Depending on your style and taste, you can tailor your Epoxy floor to what look you prefer. Working with a specialist will allow you to be aware of all of your color and texture options so you know what specific looks you have to work with.


If your Epoxy coating is installed correctly and maintained well, it will provide a protective function to your concrete underneath for a long time. The underlying concrete can be protected from moisture, staining, and even cracking. This is a huge added benefit of having an Epoxy floor. Concrete can age and become damaged over time from wear and tear. When you have a protective coating on it, it can last longer and provide you with more years of use between maintenance.

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