Acid Staining 101: Everything You Need To Know

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Acid staining is a unique and modern way to add color and personality to an otherwise plain concrete floor. 

Staining on a concrete floor, can offer a different array of colors and hues that other coatings and stainings can’t provide. It is a unique take on coating your floor that provides your space with a new fresh look. So, what does this process entail? You heard it hear first.

How It Works

Staining your concrete works based on a chemical reaction that takes place when the stain seeps through the pores of the concrete. The reactions form and create beautiful marbling, waves, and other patterns in different colors. Each concrete floor is unique, so each use of staining will provide a different yet breathtaking finish. You might see a variety of subtle earth tones play together to create a masterpiece you can walk on.

How Much Does It Cost?

In terms of cost effectiveness, acid staining may initially cost more for installation. What it does allow you to do, is to take your current floor and use the concrete to build aesthetic value rather than adding something on top of it to try and do that. Adding carpet to the surface or adding any tile or wood, would cost you more time and sweat than staining will, and there are maintenance costs to update or upkeep every few years. In the long run, staining your concrete will save you money. There is little to no cost for maintenance and the floors will hold up for decades to come if taken care of.

Why Use This Method?

You might have a large space of concrete that you want to add some color to. You may also not have the time and energy to put into other flooring options. Using an acid staining on your concrete flooring also gives you the option to change your mind in the future if needed. Concrete is easily covered up with other flooring materials that can be done through an easy process.

Where Do I Use It?

Acid staining is a good option for businesses or commercial spaces that have a large open area of cement. Flooring in this case would need to be able to withstand heavy loads and a lot of vehicle and foot traffic repeatedly. Regular tile, wood, or carpet just wouldn’t do the job needed. Using the original cement flooring that is meant to adhere to the high volume of weight and use would be the best option. By adding these stains, you can add color and class to the flooring as well as keep the functionality and durability. 

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