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Epoxy Flooring

Along with indoor and garage applications, we also offer many options for outdoor spaces. Applying a seal coat to your outdoor driveway, sidewalks, patio, or pavers is a multi-faceted solution that offers protection against weather elements like UV rays, rain, and snow.

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The Benefits

How can Epoxy be a great option for your outdoor flooring.

Customize Your Finish

Along with general sealer, we also offer options like our quartz finishes, “epoxy rock”, or stamped concrete for outdoor areas like patios, decks, pools, and many others that would benefit from the high end look and long term protection that these coatings can provide.


preventing color fading, cracks, and stains, as well as resistance to oil and grease. Beyond durability, the seal coat provides a glossy or matte finish, enhancing the overall appearance of surfaces and intensifying the natural colors of pavers. Its resistance to oil, grease, and stains not only facilitates easier cleaning but also contributes to a well-maintained look.

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Want to breathe life into your old garage? Have a basement that’s in desperate need of a makeover? You can count on our professionals to transform your home or business’s flooring with our stunning, resistant epoxy coating solutions! We’re proud to specialize in the application and installment of epoxy flooring, acid stains, concrete sealers, deck waterproofing, and all other floor applicants. Ready to enjoy floors that are virtually maintenance-free? Say goodbye to stains, chemicals, moisture, and grease. Don’t put off your project for another day, and get a quote from us below!

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Our Work

Whether it’s time to renovate your home or business’s floor, our team will come up with the right solution to make your flooring both practical and beautiful.


Timothy Hansen

Exceptional service. Great communication. Unbeatable price. Such a professional and fair approach to epoxy floors. Couldn’t give them a strong enough recommendation. 

Jason Ryser

Trevor at Seal the Deal Epoxy is a master of his craft! We had another concrete coating company do our conference room with a decorative epoxy, and when we decided to extend it to our reception area they were not able to get it done. Trevor and his team stepped in and did an amazing job! The floor looks amazing and really improved the appeal of our office! I would recommend him to anyone! Thanks for making me look good Trevor!

Corey Petersen

USE SEAL THE DEAL EPOXY! You wont be disappointed! Not to mention how hard Trevor works to make sure your garage floor looks amazing, he’s also super easy to communicate with. We researched many other epoxy flooring companies and his pricing was the most fair and he helped us know exactly to expect from the epoxy flooring experience. We would highly recommend him and plan to use him again in the future! 

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