Are Epoxy Coatings Worth It for Your Business?

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If you own a business, there are many choices when it comes to set up and flooring options. Epoxy Coatings are a great avenue to consider. 

Here are a few ideas to brainstorm when thinking about Epoxy Coatings for your business and how they can benefit your workday.

Type of Business

Depending on what type of commercial business you own, you might consider Epoxy coatings in more than one place in your building. For example, if you own car repair shop- installing an Epoxy coating in the lobby and waiting area, as well as the garage -would be both logical and appealing to the eye. A salon or warehouse would be another avenue of business that would also benefit from using Epoxy coatings.


When thinking of financial terms, Epoxy coatings actually cost less per square foot than your average flooring option would. If you have a career where your floors will get worn out quickly, or have a high capacity for tough traffic- carpet is probably not the best choice for you. In this case ( and many others) choosing to install an Epoxy coating would be your smartest route.


Unlike other flooring options that need a deep cleaning every few months, or need to be replaced often- Epoxy coatings take minimal upkeep. If installed correctly, maintenance is very little. Cleaning up is also easy. Mopping and sweeping are generally your only modes of cleaning and maintenance needed on the day to day to keep your floor looking crisp and fresh.


Do you participate in work at high temperatures such as careers or jobs that use welding or other power tools? If so, you will need flooring that can withstand high temperatures. Epoxy coatings can also undergo extremely low temperatures for frozen warehouses or other low-temperature work.


If you want to have an eye-catching floor that is easy to install, Epoxy coating is for you. When you meet with a professional, they can walk you through all the color options available to you and also offer up any advice. You can choose color and texture and mix and match both to make your perfect combination.

Building Date

Depending on the structure of the building that your business is housed in, will determine the quality of the concrete. Epoxy Coatings will protect concrete against any harsh chemicals or heavy objects that may be dropped on it. If you have concrete that is already unstable, adding a coating on top will not last you as long as it would with healthy concrete. These are a few factors to consider when choosing an installation date.

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